What is Discord? Gaming chat app with more users than Slack

We cannot point out it enough – thank you a great deal for supporting us thus far. It means a great deal to us you have believed in our organization and product and were prepared to provide us your hard earned money. We truly appreciate it.

On Monday, we launched the yearly Pride fundraiser of ours. And so much, we have raised more than $66,000 for the LGBTQ Freedom Fund because of everyone’s help! We are keeping donations up through the conclusion of the month, and every small bit counts. In case you would love to contribute, hop on over to the donation page.

Everybody knows Pride Month is improved when you’ve individuals to celebrate with. These days, we are opening the floor to a couple of of the Partnered Community servers of ours. These servers include the Gay Geeks, Gaymers, Spectrum, along with Gayozera communities in the discord bot Partner Program.

We encourage one to check’ em out and show the support of yours! You never know, you might also meet a few brand new friends in the process.

Gay Geeks is an all inclusive setting about the hobbies of yours, gaming, or simply discussing the preferred geeky fandom of yours. Gay Geeks was initially started in 2010 before beginning a Discord in 2017.

Trophias, the server owner, shares some backstory: “We have had a Facebook group for only aproximatelly ten years (decade birthday in December hype!) and we needed to embrace as well as get closer to the community of ours a lot more. We decided,’ Hey, we ought to update the neighborhood of ours and purchase a living chat!’ Almost 3 years down the line, it has been a significant success and we are many loving it.”

We might be big, though we do our very better to make sure everyone is actually taken care of. Take a peek at the #welcome-new-members & #rules channels, then type out a short introduction about yourself in our #getting-started channel!

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