The Black’ Nights’ of Army only cannot create a win against an excellent staff. Beating VMI, Baylor and kent State does not qualify as a stellar season. The Sage wants Army probably the best this season, but the brass at West Point might need to call in close air support to finish a pass. We will see whether Air Force is able to help out.

Boise State

The Sage is able to audibly hear it now..’ How could a huge Togel Online win in the Fiesta against OU on New Years Day qualify a school for among probably the worst in College Football? The basic cause is actually the hideous azure football field they play on. Merely since it’s feasible to produce lawn that is blue does not imply that it ought to be done. An excellent staff deserves to play in something besides the Tidy Bowl.

A blue football field does not exist in nature for an explanation. The Sage does not understand what that reason is actually, but is actually certain it’s a great one. BS alums must be smoking something completely different in the pipes of theirs before home games to make the point appear genuine. BSU proved it does not require a blue area for just about any competitive advantage and will win in a big time game. Shed the blue area!


A team known as the Fighting Ducks must discover it really is way onto the FirstWorst list. But that is not the reason behind the Ducks inclusion this season. Oregon places a very good team on it is two toned area, though each year, it displays an amazing lack of taste in adding the team of its in – effectively descriptive wording eludes the Sage – those God awful yellow-colored uniforms with tire tracks on the shoulders. The Ducks seem as highlight pens against green felt.

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