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2000$ Digital Marketing Scholarship Program

Iandroidlove at this moment presents tremendous content to it’s users and our aim is to entertain our users with world best news and so far we are doing it in a decent way.

You must be familiar with the fact that the internet is ruling the world. People prefer to buy sitting on a sofa instead of going to mart roaming here and there for the best without knowing, how much the product is good enough to buy and what experiences it has with other users.

Iandroidlove respects the writing, creativity, ideas, research, and suggestions of people. So making it professional, it offers an excellent “Digital Marketing Scholarship Program” for the college and university students.

Application Criteria for Iandroidlove Scholarship Program

Students of College and Universities are encouraged to apply for the Digital Marketing Scholarship Program. To apply, you must have to consider the following criteria mentioned below:

  • You should be a College or university student.
  • Candidates must be no less than 15 years of age. Evidence of personality and age will be required for the application.
  • Applications must be sent at the latest the due date that will be given underneath.
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Requirements for Application

Students applying for this scholarship must agree to all the steps stated above. Applicant should have to write a 350-500 word article on any of the below-mentioned topics.

  • Future of Android Technology
  • Android Vs Ios
  • Technology Growth Over the Years

A short email including your brief introduction, why you want this scholarship, attached institution entrance letter and essay must be sent to scholarship@iandroidlove.com

Terms & Conditions

  • Students applying more than one time will be disqualified from the scholarship program.
  • Applicant should forward the application before the time limit, i.e., 25th March 2018.
  • The result will be disclosed on 30th March 2018.
  •  Winner will be awarded $2000 prize money.

Winning Tip

IandroidLove here helps you with winning tips i.e

  • Research well on targeted topic and produce your own content.
  • Criticality of content less than 10% is a plus point.
  • Go for simple wordings and less grammatical mistakes.

Good Luck

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