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Boris Johnson to say reversing Brexit vote would be disastrous – Politics live | Politics

The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, will deliver the first of the planned “road to Brexit” series of speeches by government ministers at 11am, in which he will warn that reversing the 2016 referendum would be a “disastrous mistake” and insist that leaving the European Union is “not grounds for fear, but hope”.

However, the Pro-Brexit Labour MP, Chuka Umunna, accused Johnson of hypocrisy; saying it was he who notably engaged in “disgraceful scaremongering with his ridiculous assertion that Turkey was on the verge of joining the EU” during the campaign in 2016.

Johnson will deliver his stark warning to those he fears are “becoming ever more determined to stop Brexit”. But he will seek to alloy it with one for leave-supporting ministers; saying they cannot simply dismiss remainers’ fears, which are motivated by “entirely noble sentiments”.

The story made the front of this morning’s Daily Telegraph and I paper:

Helena Lee

Wednesday’s The Daily Telegraph: “Boris says EU laws ‘intolerable’ after Brexit” #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/AiWOTCQu5S

February 13, 2018

Helena Lee

Wednesday i: “Johnson moves to squash Remain resurgence” #tomorroespaperstoday pic.twitter.com/pNakp7rRzt

February 13, 2018

Johnson’s speech will be delivered at the same time as Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, holds a press conference after today’s meeting of the college of commissioners.

Government criticised over Brexit immigration policy delays

The lack of clarity on Britain’s post-Brexit immigration policy is causing anxiety for EU citizens and uncertainty for UK business, according to a cross-party parliamentary report.

Mordaunt to pledge child protection money

The international development secretary, Penny Mordaunt, is due to speak at a child protection summit in Stockholm at 8.30am. Following the Oxfam abuse scandal, she is expected to pledge £5m of government funding to help protect the vulnerable across the globe.

Last night, the actor Minnie Driver became the first celebrity to quit as an Oxfam ambassador following the allegations.

The Daily Mail splashed on the story this morning:

Helena Lee

Wednesday’s Daily Mail: “Oxfam: now the backlash” #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/OdUsN0txvR

February 13, 2018

‘Lack of trust’ in government’s welfare decisions

There is a “pervasive lack of trust” among disabled people in the method of assessing their welfare claims risks undermining the operation of the government’s flagship benefits, MPs warn.

Labour proposes foie gras ban

Exporting animals for slaughter, an end to the badger cull and expanding affordable vet care for pet owners on low incomes are among the animal welfare measures put forward for consideration by Labour. The party will launch the proposals at 12.45pm.


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